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Troubleshooting: PC Link fails to connect to mobile device

*ASUS PC Link supports Windows Vista and above for Windows OS, while not support Windows XP, Mac or Linux.


1. Make sure the latest PC Link Windows application has been installed in the PC side

     Please make sure you have installed the latest PC Link Windows application. You can download PC Link from the link below:



2.  Cannot click the [Connect] button which is grayed out. What can I do?

Step 1. Check whether “USB debugging” is enabled in you mobile device?

a. Launch PC Link and a dialog will shows up if “USB debugging” is not enabled. Select [OK]

b. Check “USB debugging” option

c. Select [OK] 


d. Always allow from this computer and select [OK]


Step2. Make sure either MTP or PTP is enabled

a. Enter Storage setting     


b. Click the USB icon in the upper-right corner

c. Check [MTP] (suggested) or [PTP] option

Step3. Go to [Device Manager] and check if android driver is correctly installed

You can find the driver installation status from the path below.

【Start】 -> 【Control Panel】 -> 【Device Manager】

- If the Android driver is installed successful, you can find the device information as figure 1.

- If the Android driver isn’t installed successful, the device information is as figure 2.

To reinstall the Android driver, please follow the steps below:

1. Run PC Link in the PC side.

2. Unplug and plug the USB cable which is connected between the mobile device and PC.

3. The Android driver should be installed automatically in PC side.

4. Once the Android driver is installed successful, you shall see the device information as figure 1.

Figure.1 Android driver is successfully installed


Figure.2 Android driver isn’t correctly installed



3. After clicking the [Connect] button, the application pops-up a dialog of [The installation of PC Link is not complete]. What can I do?

Step1. Please uninstall PC Link. Go to【Control Panel】->【Programs and Features】->【Remove PC Link】

Step2. Go to ASUS official PC Link download site (http://pclink.asus.com) and download the latest release of PC Link

Step3. Re-install PC Link application.


4. After clicking the [Connect] button, there is no response in PC Link window. What can I do?

Step1. Make sure PC Link Android application is launched and kept on the foreground.

Step2. Open【Windows Task Manager】->【Process】->【adb.exe】->【Properties】->Make sure【Location】is ” C:\Program Files\ASUS\PCLink\tools.”

If not, it means that the “adb.exe” is executed by other program. Please stop or remove the program (as shown in the 【Location】above), and restart PC Link.


5. Connecting via Wi-Fi

Ensure that your device and computer are in the same W-Fi network.


5. Any feedback or suggestion, please email to zenui@asus.com.



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