Windows 8-How to refresh/reinstall Operation System?



Windows 8 New Features - Refresh / Reinstall your System.

Windows 8 has two new features - Refresh Windows & Reinstall Windows.

The different of the two features is as below.

Refresh : Keep the personal files and remove the applications.

Reinstall : Restore the system to factory default settings. All personal files and applications will be removed.


When you encounter the abnormal issue , ,   ,, you can try to refresh the system.

Otherwise, you can try to reinstall the system.


1. Click "Settings".


2. Click "Change PC settings".


3. Click "General" -> Select "Refresh your PC without affecting your files " -> Click "Get started".


If the operating system is "Windows 8.1", please click "Update and recovery", then select [Refresh your PC without affecting your files].

4. Click "Next".


5. Click "Refresh" to start the refresh process.


6. Once the refresh process is done, you can find a Removed Apps list on the desktop.


7. You can find the removed  apps while refreshing your system.

Finally, if you have any issue about the operation process, please consult with the ASUS Service Center.