[Phone] Moiré appears on camera when taking photos to LCD screen under fluorescent lamp

The electric company, take Taiwan for example, provides alternating current of 60 Hz, namely, 1 cycle per 1/60th of a second, to end-users. Fluorescent lamps flicker at a normally unnoticeable frequency which can not be detected by human eyes. If moire appears on preview screen of camera, it may be caused by indoor fluorescent lamps, camera shutter speed that is faster than 1/60 second, or higher ISO value. Furthermore, wrong selection of "Anti-flicker" option of camera settings may also causes moire.

Please note the default of "Anti-flicker" option changes accordingly by the language/region. When you change the default language, the "Anti-flicjer" option may be changed accordingly. Therefore, please change "Anti-flicker" option of camera settings to avoid moire/flickering.


(Moire appears on camera preview screen or photos)


"Camera" -> upper-left gear icon -> "Anti-flicker"; Taiwan for 60 Hz while China for 50 Hz.