[Phone] ASUS Gallery - How to recover the photos from Trash?

On ASUS Gallery, you can now move photos to the Trash or delete the photos permanently. If you want to get back those photos back, you can go to the Trash and restore the photos to the original folders.


Move photos to Trash and recover them

When [Permanently delete] is not checked, you can move the photos to Trash.

Note: If [Permanently delete] is checked, the deleted photos will not be recovered.



Recover Photos

1. Tap upper-right Menu icon on the main page of Gallery and then tap [Trash].



2. Select the photos you want to recover and tap Recover icon to restore them to the original folder.



Empty/Clear all photos in Trash

Tap upper-right Menu icon on the main page of Trash and then tap [Empty trash] to delete all photos.

Note: If [Empty Trash] > [OK] is checked, the photos in Trash will not be recovered.