[Phone] Photos cannot be saved and stored to memory card

If you cannot save or store your photos to the memory card, please follow below instruction for troubleshooting: 

1.  Check whether the MicroSD card is inserted/installed in your phone/pad.

2. Assign the file storage path of Camera to MicroSD (Click the gear icon at upper-left corner in Camera shooting page-> Change "Save to" as MicroSD )

3. Replace different SD cards to test.

4. Resume all setting of Camera as default ones: Click the gear icon at upper-left corner in Camera shooting page-> Restore default setting.

5. Access to Safe Mode:Long press "Power key"> Tap and hold "Power Off" > tap "OK". If your device works normally in safe mode, malfunction might be caused by 3rd party apps. Please reboot your device and check again to see if it works well.

6. Backup your data and Perform factory data reset

    Note: Once RESET was performed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted after initialization.