[Desktop PC/Motherboard] Wireless Network fails to connect

If your desktop PC cannot connect to a wireless network, please connect the PC with a network cable first to check whether the problem is with the router. 
If the cable network can work while the wireless network is abnormal, please follow the troubleshooting instructions below :

Q1:  Wifi icon shows  at the right bottom corner(red cross).
A1:  Please confirm whether the Wi-Fi network is turned off or in the flight mode.
       If it still does't work after turning on the Wi-Fi, please reinstall the Wifi driver.
Q2: Wifi icon shows  at the right bottom corner(yellow exclamation mark) or wifi is detected but can't connect.
A2: Please try to connect to another wifi source (ex: cell phone). If it still doesn't work, please reinstall the wifi driver.


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