[Desktop PC/Motherboard] Troubleshooting for the crash in desktop

The following situation might lead to the crash in your desktop :

1. The memory fails or cannot be normally detected by the device

2. CPU overclocking (because the voltage is too low)

3. Total power consumption of hardware is greater than output power of PSU


If your desktop PC crashed (everything stops and no operation is available), please refer to the following steps for troubleshooting


1.Make sure whether there is any abnormal noise from device. Source of noise might be broken hard disk,damaged fan or something stuck. Please contact ASUS Service center for inquiry. 

2.Abnormal working in software: Please try to uninstall software installed and applications/drivers updated recently

    If it doesn't improve after above procedures, please backup the data and proceed the system recovery. (System recovery in different OS please check : Windows 8/8.1Windows 10)

    Attention :All the data and files will be formated after the system recovery. If you have any other inquiry, please contact ASUS Service Center

3. Abnormal working in heat radiation :Please keep the air flow in the room and prevent anything from stucking the vents