[Zenbo Junior] Zenbo Junior Features FAQ

1. What are the basic functions that Zenbo Junior can do?

  • Zenbo Junior has the basic functions including listening, speaking, moving, looking, learning, expressing, and connecting.

2. What are the standard applications that come with Zenbo Junior?

  • Zenbo Junior comes with Zenbo Lab, one free year of ZMC (Zenbo Management Console), Zenbo Scratch 3.0, Zenbo Junior SDK, and Python SDK.

3. What are the main features of Zenbo Junior?

  • We offer Zenbo Lab, a web-based programming software for students to learn about artificial intelligence and the basics of robotics through block-based programming.
  • Zenbo Junior is an open platform for developers to use Java and Python to create different robotics applications.
  • ZMC or Zenbo Management Console is a central and real-time management tool for users to easily manage multiple devices at once to improve operational efficiency.

4. Does Zenbo Junior have the SLAM feature?

  • No, Zenbo Junior does not have the SLAM feature.