[GlideX] Common problems for Promo Codes


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1. What is GlideX Promo Code and where to get it?

ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC. provides GlideX Promo Codes in its campaigns and promotional activities from time to time.  Users can find Promo Codes via GlideX for Windows app [User Center] > [Promotion], or other GlideX related campaign exposure channels. The eligibility of obtaining GlideX Promo Codes varies by different rules governing each Campaign.


2. Where and how to redeem a Promo Code?

If you have installed GlideX for Windows app, you can go to ①[User Center] and login to your GlideX account. Click ②[Promotion], and click ③[Redeem] to start the redemption process.  Otherwise, you can go to redeem site as well. To redeem Promo Codes, please refer to Terms and Conditions.


3. Why can't I redeem a Promo Code?

In the following are the reasons that users cannot redeem:

  • Invalid Promo Code: The Promo Code you entered is not correct.
  • You are not eligible for this event: The eligibility of obtaining GlideX Promo Codes varies by different rules governing each Campaign or event. Please check the rules of the campaign.
  • This event has expired: Each Promo Code is required to be redeemed in the redemption period as announced by their corresponding Campaign(s). Please check the rules of the campaign.
  • All Promo Codes for this event have been redeemed: The number of each Promo Code for redemption may be limited by its corresponding Campaign(s), and even if you redeem the GlideX Promo Codes before the end of the redemption period, the GlideX Cards may not be successfully redeemed.
  • You have redeemed this Promo Code: Users are allowed to redeem a Promo Code by its corresponding campaign once.


4. If I've already subscribed to GlideX service via Google Play or Apple App Store, can I redeem a Promo Code?

Yes, you can redeem a Promo Code and it will be deposited to your GlideX account after you successfully redeem. It is not suggested you activate it since you have an active subscription plan. If you wish to activate it, your account should be without subscription. Please note that you are required to activate the Promo Code in the activation period according to the rules governing each Campaign.


5. If I've already activated a Coupon or Promo Code, can I redeem a Promo Code? 

Yes, you can either redeem the Promo Code which will be deposited into your account, or you can activate it immediately which will replace your existing Coupon or Promo Code.


6. If I have a non-activated Promo Code which is deposited in my account, where and how to activate it?

Go to GlideX for Windows app, log into your GlideX account in [User Center]. Click [Promotion], and select "Redeemed" condition to filter your Promo Codes.  Then you can see the [Activate] button in each deposited Promo Code.