[Motherboard] Intel 600 series motherboard that supports Raptor Lake-S CPU (13th Gen CPU) request to update ME to version and then update BIOS

If you use Intel 600 series motherboard and plan to update BIOS to support Raptor Lake-S CPU (13th Gen CPU)

or you have already updated BIOS to the latest version from website and with issue like : can't detect M.2, XMP fail, can't install driver, Device Manager show yellow mark, BOSD, black screen, unstable, etc

Please update ME version to

1. How to update ME, please refer to the FAQ:[Motherboard] Intel® Management Engine Firmware Update Instructions(ME)

2. How to update BIOS, please refer to the FAQ:[Motherboard] How to update BIOS of the motherboard ?

3. If udpate BIOS show below notice ,please choose the same BIOS file to update ME firmware

4. Please update BIOS/ME FW/Driver/Software to below version to support Intel Raptor Lake-S CPU(13th Gen CPU)

MEI driver  2220.3.1.0 (Package 2227.3.12.0)
Graphics driver31.0.101.3302
Chipset driver10.1.19199.8340
RAID driver
Serial IO  30.100.2221.20
AISuite3 3.03.13
System Information   2.03.09
Armoury Crate3.2.3.0
Armoury Crate Package version5.3.4


Please contact the local ASUS customer service if your problem cannot be solved.