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Smart Gesture - Introduction of ASUS Smart Gesture software




Introduction of ASUS Smart Gesture.

ASUS Smart Gesture is a smart touchpad driver. Smart touchpad can identify the palm and finger contact. Avoid the cursor when typing.

Different actions lead to different instruction, ASUS Smart Gesture can help you to manage. Such as: slide with two fingers can move pages, slide with three fingers can switch program.

You could always get more naturally easy notebook input, with the mouse no longer needed.




You would find setting page by double click tray icon, which is on the task bar.


Gesture——In this page, you can choose gesture commands which are helpful for you according to your habits.

Note: Move the mouse cursor on the gesture item, on the left side of the dialog box will display the renderings of the gesture.

Note: Enable the "Content moves with your finger's direction" function will reverse scrolling direction on touchpad.


Touchpad Button——Smart Gesture provides an option to switch function of the left / right button, and the setting is default disable.


Mouse Detection——When the "Disable touchpad when mouse is plugged-in” enabled, touchpad function become disable after external mouse is plugged-in. The type of external mouse includes USB cable mouse, wireless mouse, and Bluetooth mouse.

You can download Smart Gesture from below links 

32 bit: Smart Gesture download-32 bit

64 bit: Smart Gesture download-64 bit 

* Please note you need to upgrade ATK driver before installing Smart Gesture.

The ATK driver download: http://www.asus.com/support/Product-Search/?keyword=atk