ESC1000 Personal SuperComputer

    ESC1000 Personal SuperComputer

    The latest GPUs solution for Extreme Parallel Computing Capability

    Extreme Super Computer ESC1000 is a power workstation with awesome computing performance and multiple I/O scalability for the most demanding tasks and future upgrades. Designed for professionals in Life/Medical Sciences, Engineering & Sciences, Financial modeling and EDA & Visualization, the ESC1000 has up to 1350 computing cores and optimized thermal solution to reduce operation noise and dissipates heat through advanced and environmentally friendly methods.
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      World’s First Quad Tesla GPUs Solution for Extreme Computing Capability

      Worldwide First Quad Tesla GPUs Run by PCI-e Gen2 x16 Speed

      Through leveraging Quad Tesla GPUs (graphics processing units) on PCI-e Gen2 x16 slots, the ESC1000 is the world’s first such solution to solve complex data-intensive computational problems in a fraction of the time required on a CPU. Users can count on up to 4 CUDA cards (3 Nvidia Tesla Cards and 1 Nvidia Quadro card) for intensive parallel computing on tons of data, which delivers nearly 4 teraflops of performance.

      Maximum Computing Cores in ESC1000

      With support of up to three Tesla cards and one Quadro FX5800 cards at the same time, the computing cores are 960, plus 8 in CPU (4 cores in latest Intel Nehalem-WS platform, 2 Threads per core), the total computing cores will be 968, which is the No.1 solution for such cores.

      Maximum System Performance in one Workstation

      The ESC1000 supports the latest and powerful CPU technology featuring Intel® QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) with a system bus of up to 6.4GT/s and a max bandwidth of up to 25.6GB/s. Besides, DDR3 memory with data transfer rate of 1333MHz and up to 24GB capacity meets the higher bandwidth requirements of Quad GPU parallel Computation. Through the whole-system power, the ESC1000 accelerates a variety of scientific simulation and analysis applications in real-time visual rendering.

      Optimized Thermal Solution

      To make this super computer work in a cool environment, it is built with optimized thermal solution: ASUS Cool & quiet CPU Cooler, as well as onboard heat-pipes. The heat-pipe design effectively directs the heat generated by the chipsets to the heatsink near the back I/O ports - where it can be carried away by existing airflows from the CPU or a bundled optional fan.