ROG Sheath PNK LTD

    ROG Sheath PNK LTD with extra-large size, anti-fray stitching, and non-slip base

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      What is ROG Sheath PNK LTD

      The extra-large ASUS ROG Sheath PNK LTD mouse pad is optimized for all gaming mouse types, with a smooth surface that perfectly ensures pixel-precise tracking for unmatched command and control. ROG Sheath PNK LTD is designed for your comfort and features a non-slip rubber base that keeps it in place and stitched edges that resist fraying.

      A Perfect Glide with Pinpoint Precision

      ROG Sheath PNK LTD has an intricately-woven surface that's perfectly to ensure a smooth glide for your gaming mouse. Whatever your preferred gaming settings are — you're guaranteed pixel-precise control.

      It's been subjected to a barrage of stress tests, including a mouse glide distance of more than 250km, and exposure to temperature extremes of -30°C and 60°C for 57 hours. Its 3mm thickness also ensures a comfortable cushioned surface too.

      Go Big or Go Home

      ROG Sheath PNK LTD is massive, measuring 900 x 440 x 3mm, so there's more than enough room for all your gear including your laptop, keyboard, and mouse.

      The ROG PNK LTD Line

      We're giving a big shout out to all the Pinkaholics out there with a new limited edition with unlimited charm. The ROG PNK LTD is a brand-new peripheral series that lets you boldly express your gaming lifestyle and equips you with the best weapons to win on the battlefield. This new series delivers the ultimate gaming experience with pink versions of the ROG Strix Fusion 300 gaming headset, our beloved ROG Gladius II Origin optical-sensor gaming mouse, Cherry MX mechanical ROG Strix Flare gaming keyboard, and ROG Sheath gaming mouse pad.