The Chicest and Most Complete Headphone Set for Rich Dolby Audio on PCs and Macs

    - Superior audio performance with complete Dolby technologies and Hi-Fi headphone amplifier
    - Compatible with PC and Mac for optimum user flexibility
    - Clear communication with an advanced array microphone
    - Gaming Sound Effect, EAX and DirectSound support for precise audio positioning
    - Ergonomic design headphone provides stress-free comfort over prolonged periods of audio enjoyment.
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      The Chicest and Most Complete Headphone Set for Rich Dolby Audio on PCs and Macs


      • Five color choices
      • Personalized Laptops Accessory

      Not only functions and performances are considered , but personal design becomes focus in 3C field. 5 colors provided by HP-100U fit different personality.


      • Ergonomic design headphone
      • Stress-free for Long-time Listening
      • Ergonomically Stretchable Headband
      • Ultra- Soft Leatherette Ear cups

      The comfort is accumulated by details. HP- 100U comfort is the creation of headband radian, stretchability and earcups material. Customers will have good isolation and comfort during enjoy auido.


      • Dolby Virtual Speaker: Convert stereo audio to 5.1 virtual surround sounds
      • Dolby Headphone: Provides comfortable & precise 3D positioning headphone listening experience with any pair of headphone
      • Dolby Digital Live: Transcode analog audio into 5.1-channel Dolby Digital bit-stream output via S/PDIF
      • Dolby Prologic IIx: Expand any stereo audio, such as MP3, into vivid 5.1 channel audio


      • EAX and DirectSound support
      • Precise Audio Positioning
      • Gaming Audio & Video Synchronization!

      Supports DirectSound, EAX, OpenAL for best gaming in Windows Vista and XP. Gamers will have precise audio positioning and both vivid and lively gaming experinece.