DP 2U Sunucu Performansı

    Güçlü fonksiyonlar ve sağlamlığın birleşimi. ASUS!a özgü çoklu-fan tasarımıyla ısınma problemi tamamen gideriliyor. Ek sistemle beraber AP2400R-E2 (AS8), diğer 2U sunuculardan daha güvenilir.

    Perform DP 2U Server with All Hot-swap fan
    for fully redundancy protection

    It is a challenge to combine powerful functions in this limited 2U system and still keep the stability; however, ASUS' special multi-fan module design successfully solves the thermal problem, and the redundancy system design makes AP2400R-E2 (AS8) work more reliably than any other 2U servers.

    Powerful Computing and Huge Storage Space
    AP2400R-E2 (AS8) supports dual Intel® Xeon™ processors with 800MHz FSB up to 3.6GB and also supports up to 16GB DDR RAM, which offer the most powerful computing ability. AP2400R-E2 (AS8) has up to 8 hot-swap SCSI HDD expansion capability, which provides 2 more bays compare to the other brands.

    Easy to upgrade RAID 5, make data secured
    Adaptec® SO-DIMM ZCR supported provides customer affordable RAID upgrade.

    Effort saving Rail kit
    System administrator or service engineer can use single finger to pull out the 2U server system from the Rack.

    Easy Access Hot-swap and Smart System Fan
    Any error of the 7pcs hot-swap middle fans can be identified by status LED. Each middle fan was equipped with a holder, which allows to hot-swap, hot-plug, or replace quickly and easily while the system is half pulled out from the 19" Rack.

    Great expansion ability in add-on card
    Three full size full length 66MHz PCI-X slot and one 133MHz low profile PCI-X slot provide customer broad expansion capability.