Tinker Open Case DIY Kit

Yüksek hızlı fan ve güçlü arka plakaya sahip açık kasa DIY kiti
  • Isı dağıtımı için yüksek hızlı fan
  • Fan hasarını önlemek için ters kutuplu motor
  • Açık ortamlarda çalışmak ve test yapmak için güçlü arka plaka
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Ultimate Cooling

Tinker Open Case DIY Kit is equipped with a high-speed fan to dissipate heat, and a metallic PCB backplate to hold up the board and create a wider space for better heat dissipation. For those who want to work on Tinker Board in an open environment, this DIY kit is the ideal companion.

Reverse Polarity Motor

A handy reversed polarity motor prevents fan damage if you accidentally connect the cable in the wrong direction. Additionally, the high-speed cooling fan makes significantly less noise, and it is compatible with both 5V and 3.3V power input. Changing the power input also lets you adjust the fan spin speed.

Strong Backplate

PC enthusiasts and DIY makers know the pain of working on a project in an open environment and ending up with a broken board. The stylish metal backplate with a coat of nonconductive paint helps to avoid a short circuit on the printed circuit board, and even prevents the PCB to bend in specific environments.

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