WL-107g IEEE802.11g Kablosuz Cardbus Adaptör

    WL-107g Cardbus Kartı, çift mod özelliğe sahiptir. Bu özellikle, IEEE802.11b ve IEEE802.11g WLAN standartları aynı anda işletilebilir. Ayrıca, notebook´unuza yazılımsal erişim noktası kurmanıza izin verir.WDS ve NAT özellikleri ile, yeni Asus WL-107g cardbus adaptör kablosuz teknolojide öncülük etmiştir.

    Fast 54Mbps IEEE 802.11g, backward compatible to IEEE802.11b devices
    Excellent receiver sensitivity for best-in-class ranges
    Superior performance in real-world operating environments even in presence of other wireless LAN, Bluetooth TM devices and microwave oven interference
    Lowest CPU utilization design leaves system resources available for other functions
    Enhanced Security
    64/128 bit WEP support
    Work with Windows XP SP1 security WPA functions
    Easy Installation and management
    Seamless Microsoft XP zero-configuration integration with advanced utilities and common GUI for legacy OS
    Easy to use with drivers for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98 SE and Linux Redhat (version 7.1 or later)
    Profile Auto-Switch function enables seamless roaming between home, office and car.
    Software AP with NAT and WDS

    NAT(Network address translation) support: Internet connection sharing

    Create a software AP on your notebook with ASUS WL-107g cardbus adapter and share Internet access with others. With NAT function, the WL-107g software AP allows lots of computers to share one single IP address with others.
    WDS(wireless distribution system) support
    The WL-107g acts as a bridge to extend network coverage
    The WL-107g not only acts as a wireless client but also turns your notebook into a wireless AP. Enable access to the internet from any computer on your home network without having to purchase an AP or more IP addresses from your ISP.
    Eliminating an actual AP and the knots of cables and wires.
    All software AP functions are only available under Windows XP OS.
    WDS functions: WL-107g is compatible to ASUS WL-330, WL-330g, WL-500b, WL-500g.