A9600PRO/TD Series

    A9600PRO/TD Series

    採用 ATI Radeon 9600 PRO

    - 華碩 GameFace Live
    - 華碩 VideoSecurity Online
    - 華碩 OnScreenDisplay (OSD)
    - 支援高效能記憶體
    - 支援雙螢幕輸出

      ASUS A9600PRO is equipped with exclusive ASUS innovations and ATI® Radeon™ 9600PRO Visual Processing Unit(VPU). With it's ultimate excellent cinematic resolution and fierce graphics computing power, ASUS A9600PRO can provide the best gaming experience on all PC games. ASUS A9600PRO also incorporates various innovations, such as ASUS GameFace Live, ASUS VideoSecurity Online, and ATI's SmartShader™, SmoothVision™. In all, ASUS A9600PRO delivers exceptional quality and performance to the most demanding user for 3D games, streaming media, digital video, and office applications.

      Why ASUS is Better?
      ASUS GameFace Live for real-time video/audio communication
      ASUS VideoSecurity Online for building a private security system
      ASUS OnScreenDisplay (OSD) allows to adjust various display settings without leaving the game
      High-quality TV output for big screen gaming or presentations
      DVI output for easy connectivity to digital flat panel display
      Diversified connectivity, including DVI-I (convertible to VGA), Dual VGA, TV-Out.

      Chipset Feature
      Powered by the world's powerful VPU – ATI Radeon 9600PRO VPU
      SMARTSHADER™ 2.0 – Enabling more complex and realistic texture and lighting effects than ever before.
      SMOOTHVISION™ 2.0 - Flexible Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering
      High Performance Memory Support – Conserves memory bandwidth for improved performance in demanding applications
      Dual Display Support - Leading-edge technology flexibly supports multiple combinations of display devices
      VIDEO Acceleration - Unprecedented video quality and integrated digital TV decode capability.
      Microsoft® DirectX 9 and OpenGL support