AC2100 PCIe® 160MHz 雙頻無線網卡
  • 5 倍 WiFi 速度 — 超大 160MHz 頻寬 ,將 5GHz 頻段的無線速度提升至最高 1.73Gbps。
  • 裝置達到極速 — 內建 MU-MIMO 技術,讓連線裝置都能達到最佳運行效率。
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 更快更廣— 提供比先前2倍快的Bluetooth®資料傳輸速度、4倍廣的覆蓋範圍
  • 最佳外接天線座 — 獨立式收發器和連接線實現輕鬆定位,獲得最佳訊號品質。
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2X Faster WiFi, Even on a
Crowded Network

PCE-AC58BT uses wide 160MHz channels to drive WiFi speeds up to twice the rate of 802.11ac devices, and up to 5X faster than 802.11n equipment. It's also engineered with MU-MIMO technology to ensure that every connected device benefits from top speeds, even in busy homes or offices.

Still Fast, Even In
Crowded Network

PCE-AC58BT instantly upgrades your PC with MU-MIMO function, enabling your PC to run as fast WiFi even when other devices are sharing the WiFi at the same time. Instead of transferring data in sequences, MU-MIMO technology helps multiple devices to transfer data with the router at the same time without needing to wait for another device. When multiple devices are transferring data with your router at the same time, the WiFi speed may drop as these devices are sharing the bandwidth; with MU-MIMO support, your PC can be grouped with other MU-MIMO devices as one device, enjoying full WiFi speed for each device in the group. *Disclaimer: MU-MIMO supported router and client required.

Instant Bluetooth Upgrade –
2X Faster and 4X Wider

Slot ASUS PCE-AC58BT into your PC for an instant upgrade to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Boost the transmit speed twice as fast as before and increase 4X wider range. Enabling your PC with BT supports is convenient because you can connect your PC directly with speakers, headphones, and game controllers so you are not tethered with cable when enjoying music, gameplay,
or phone calling.

Better WiFi with Optimal
Antenna Placement

PCE-AC58BT's external antenna eliminates concerns about WiFi dead zones. Use the included cables and position the transceiver for optimal signal reception.

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