ASUS W2000 Chiclet Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

Sleek keyboard and mouse set for instant input and response
  • Wireless 2.4Ghz keyboard and mouse combo for responsive input
  • 13 dedicated Windows 10 hotkeys
  • Sleek and elegant brushed finish
*W2000 is compatible with Windows 10 and older versions. Some hotkeys only work with Windows 10. User experience may vary depending on the OS.
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ASUS W2000 is a wireless 2.4GHz keyboard and mouse combo optimized for Windows 10. ASUS W2000 gives you fast and responsive input, with 13 dedicated hotkeys for Windows 10 functions. Open or close a new virtual desktop, control panel, Share Charm, mail, or web browser with a single keystroke. The sleek chiclet keyboard features an elegant brushed finish, and is ideal for use at home or in the office. It’s durable too, with a 10 million-keystroke and 3 million-mouse click lifespan.

Slim Design
Slim Design
Compact and space saving.
Chiclet Keyboard
Chiclet Keyboard
Stops dust from gathering in between keys
Multimedia Hotkeys
Multimedia Hotkeys
Built-in multimedia control for easy and fast adjustments.
Accurate 1000 dpi
1000 dpi Mouse
High resolution sensor
Optical mouse
Optical mouse
No moving parts
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