Echelon Laser Mouse

    Echelon Laser Mouse

    Laser mouse for precision gameplay and more military-inspired digital camouflage

    • On-the-fly accuracy adjustments- Flit between five DPI levels at the flick of a switch
    • Sniper aim assist- Clutch function to reduce DPI instantly
    • Accurate low-recoil burst shooting- Auto click-repeat function
    • Easy customization- Eight programmable macro keys and click-to-eject drawer with adjustable weights (up to 35g)
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      Echelon Gaming Set

      The Echelon laser gaming mouse ensures every move is precise. Five precision levels are controlled via an easy-to-access switch, so you can flit quickly between fast movements and fine control. There’s even a built-in clutch button for instant high-DPI accuracy, gifting you a tactical advantage in first-person shooters. You can even store your favorite action sequences, thanks to eight programmable macros and built-in 128KB memory. With a sturdy, ergonomically-designed body, the Echelon gaming mouse will keep you comfortable for even the longest battles.

      Echelon Mechanical Keyboard
      Ambidextrous ergonomic design
      On-the-fly accuracy adjustments
      Flit between five DPI levels at the flick of a switch
      Click-to-eject drawer with adjustment weights (up to 35g)
      8 programmable macro keys

      Echelon gaming set: Your sure-win camouflage combo

      ASUS Echelon gaming set features an attractive design inspired by the digital camouflage patterns popular in many games and, of course, on real-world military apparel. The set includes everything you need to look good and secure victory — a headset, 7.1-channel USB sound card and headphone amplifier, mechanical keyboard, laser mouse and fine-weave mouse pad. It’s the sure-win combo that you’re sure to want!