[TUF GAMING TF120] AURA Setup Guide

When you have TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB fan and you'd like to setup RGB lighting and effects, please follow below steps.



  • TUF Gaming TF120
  • ASUS motherboard with ARGB header
  • Latest version of Armory Crate software


Step 1 - Fan Installation

Power off your system before fan installation.

  • If using the TF120 controller, connect up to four fans to it directly, and then use the supplied cable to plug the controller into an ARGB header on the motherboard.


  • If using a single TF120 fan, connect it directly to the motherboard.



Step 2 - Utility Installation

Power up the system and install Armory Crate software.



Step 3 - Aura Configuration

We take ROG STRIX Z590-F for example. 

Click [Device] and then [ROG STRIX Z590-F].


Step 4 - TF120 Configuration

Choose [Addressable Headers]. Choose [Gen 1] and enter [32] for the number of LEDs, then click [Done].


Step 5 - TF120 Recognition

Now your TF120 has been correctly recognized as an ARGB LED strip.


Step 6 - Lighting Effects Settings

Select a preset profile or use Aura Creator to make your own lighting effects.


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