ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

    ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP200SA

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    Next-generation processing power
    Powered by the latest quad-core Intel® Pentium® N3700 processor, Transformer Book Flip TP200 gives you class-leading performance, for both work and play. Intel’s latest chip architecture delivers a significant performance leap, and the new integrated Intel HD graphics are more than twice as fast as previous generations. The result is smooth-as-silk hardware-acceleration for stutter-free media playback, fast image editing and high-speed video processing — yet with even better energy efficiency!
    3D Mark v11 - Sky Driver
    Easy Connectivity
    Transformer Book Flip TP200 includes the very latest USB Type-C port, which has a revolutionary reversible design for fast, effortless any-way-up connections — no more guesswork is needed! And with USB 3.1 Gen 1 you’ll save time with blindingly-fast data transfers — that are up to 10- times faster than USB 2.0.
    More touch sensors, more reliable touch!
    For outstanding touchscreen accuracy, Transformer Book Flip TP200 uses high-precision touch sensors spaced at 5mm intervals, which is almost half the industry-standard distance of 9mm. This means there are more sensors per square centimeter, which in turn means that touch actions are more sensitive and accurate. Flip TP200 responds to your every command — every time!
    ASUS Finger Control
    5 mm Precision
    Other Finger Control
    9 mm Precision
    Enjoy intuitive multi-touch control
    For even more natural and intuitive control of gaming, browsing and navigation, Transformer Book Flip TP200 has a 10-point multi-touch display. With precise and accurate multi-finger control, it’s great in laptop mode, and even better when Flip TP200 is in tablet mode — in fact, it’s better than an ordinary tablet!
    10 Finger Multi-Touch
    Work smarter with Smart Gestures
    ASUS Smart Gesture technology lets you use intuitive Windows gestures on the large touchpad, making it much easier to navigate or control applications. Smart Gesture supports up to 4-finger gestures in Windows 10, so you can easily switch applications, open Cortana or the Action Center simply by tapping or swiping on the touchpad. It’s never been easier to use a touchpad!




    To Select a Region

    Webpage Scrolling

    Up and Down

    Zoom In / Out

    Two-Finger Pinch



    3 Fingers Swipe Up

    To execute task view

    3 Fingers Swipe Down

    To show desktop

    3 Fingers Swipe (Right/Left)

    To switch desktop

    3 Fingers Tap

    To execute Cortana

    4 Fingers Swipe (Right/Left)

    To Switch Desktop

    4 Fingers Tap

    To pop-up notifications bar of Action Center