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    EeeBox PC EB1006

    EeeBox PC EB1006

    High Definition Entertainment in a 1L-Sized PC

    - Delivers high definition entertainment for maximum enjoyment
    - Connectto your HDTVs and projectors via HDMI
    - Provides supreme convenience with a full-featured media player and remote control*
    - Small—only 1L
    - Saves up to 90% in energy consumption
    - Barely audible in operation—only 26dB

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    Take Control of your Entertainment

    Is your home strewn with remote* controls—one for each media player? Let the Eee Box HD simplify matters, with a single, easy-to-use remote control* that works seamlessly with Eee Cinema, a full-featured media player that makes managing and playing your music, video and photographs easier than ever!

    Exceptional Features for Work, Learn and Play

    • To further sweeten the deal, the Eee Box HD also comes with a fully-customizable program launch shortcut bar found on the Windows® desktop—Eee Bar. Bypass confusing menus, and get straight to the application you want every time!

    High Definition Entertainment in a 1L-Sized PC

    The Eee Box HD mini desktop PC is the latest addition to the Eee Box family. This newest incarnation now allows users to enjoy crisp and clear high definition content by means of a HD hardware decoder. Still retaining its svelte design, the Eee Box HD's portability lets you turn virtually any space into a high definition entertainment zone for maximum enjoyment. Anyone can dive straight into the action with the bundled media player and convenient remote control*. Let the Eee Box HD blow your mind with a high definition experience that is simply out of this world!

    Experience High Definition Entertainment

    Enter the world of high definition entertainment in the very comfort of your own home with the Eee Box HD! Equipped with a discrete graphics card that features a high definition hardware decoder, the Eee Box HD delivers the beauty and splendor of high definition motion pictures to your home's HDTV or projector through an easily-accessible HDMI output.

    Pint-sized Powerhouse

    Ever wish you could avoid cumbersome desktop systems hogging valuable desk space? Now you can! Built as small as a paperback novel, the petite Eee Box HD even has an option to be mounted onto your LCD display, virtually occupying no space at all!

    Power Up Your Way to Cost Savings

    Constructed with earth-friendly materials, the Eee Box HD has the environment at heart. Consuming only around 20 watts of power, it does so much, for so little. At this rate, an Eee Box HD running for 24 hours a day will save you approximately US$156 a year*!