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Small Office / Home Office (SOHO)

For newly-created small and micro-businesses, the limited manpower needs to be concentrated on the firm's core activities. Making the most effective use of limited IT budgets is a key consideration.Depending on whether you go it alone as a freelancer, open a private studio or become an independent retailer, your PC needs will vary considerably in terms of performance and portability. Selecting the perfect after-sales service is equally important in all cases. The ASUS guarantee of fast, localized maintenance services is like having your own powerful IT team ready to deploy at a moment's notice: think of us as your closest business ally.

  • Commercial Laptops

    ASUS designs commercial notebooks for SMB customers who need affordable devices that are not only powerful but durable and with exemplary battery life. For extended usage ASUS has developed removable and replaceable batteries on many of our commercial models to ensure that our SMB customers can keep working, with our without an outlet.

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  • Chrome

    Chrome OS is designed easy-to-use to withstand everyday activities and is ready to tackle the SMB space. From note taking to project collaboration, the Chrome OS starts in a flash and loads lightning fast, allowing you to communicate, share and work in a variety of ways all day long.

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  • Monitors and Projectors

    ASUS Monitors are designed with your eyes in mind. Whether in the home or office, we find ourselves staring at computer monitors for hours on end. Today’s digital lifestyle brings with it increased health risks, especially for our eyes. Being in front of a computer all day increases the risk of Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). ASUS Eye Care technology has been designed to prevent CVS symptoms caused by prolonged computer use.

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