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    Feel the Soul from Within

    With poetic precision and atelier craftsmanship, the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 is a fitting tribute to the LAMBORGHINI Reventón. It is the superlative of avant garde design, one that triggers the primeval senses for exhilaration and power. Within the exquisitely designed chassis beats the heart of unrivalled power, one that only the discerning would comprehend, and in doing so ASUS managed to design and produce not only a notebook, but more of an art-form. More than that, ASUS has managed to encapsulate the very essence of LAMBORGHINI by producing a notebook that is worthy to bear its badge.
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    A Marque of Prestige and Undeniable Style

    Like the Lamborghini Reventón, the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 is a perfect synthesis between clean lines and glossy trappings. Be it in piano black or pearlescent white the VX5 is a statement of panache and power, even more so once users lift the hood to find an equally glossy touchpad, with the hint of ceramic finishing from its buttons. These accentuated features can be found nestled in a luxuriously sewn leather palm-rest. Chrome rims frame a pair of bespoke speakers by Altec Lansing, its design reminiscent of the heat vents of the Lamborghini Reventón. As a finishing touch to the masterpiece, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens cover shields a built-in webcam with a touch of class.

    Performance at the Core of its Design for Efficiency and Enjoyment

    Equipped with a 1TB hard disk drive, the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 gives users more storage space for work or entertainment. Powered by an Intel® Core™2 Quad Q9000 processor it provides users with the capability of executing simultaneous programs with ease. A 16-inch full high definition display powered by an NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 130M with GDDR3 1G VRAM graphics card treats users to vibrant images with stunning clarity. Just like its vehicular counterpart, the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 provides users with accelerated performance at the touch of speed key located alongside the keyboard, which initiates the TwinTurbo mode which boosts both CPU and GPU performance, establishing the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 as the superlative of power and dependability.

    User-centric Features via Innovative Solutions

    A newly adopted illuminated 'chiclet' keyboard minimizes errors associated with typing via equally spaced keys, while a light sensor embedded within the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 intelligently monitors the lighting conditions of the users´ immediate surroundings, brightening or dimming its display and back-lit keyboard accordingly. This provides much appreciated relief for users with better visibility in adverse lighting conditions.