ROG Aura Terminal

    ROG Aura Terminal

    ASUS ROG Aura Terminal Addressable RGB Controller with four-ports, three magnetic LED strips, Halo and AURA Sync RGB software

    • ROG Aura Terminal Addressable RGB Controller features four-ports for controlling up to 210 addressable RGB LEDs
    • Includes Three (3) Addressable RGB Magnetic Backed Lighting Strips with extension cables, cable ties and additional adhesive strips
    • Flexible Mounting and Power Options with adhesive strips or standard 2.5” mounting holes, and USB or Molex power options
    • ROG Halo Software intelligently casts RGB lighting backlighting effects into the room when playing games or watching movies
    • ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize lighting effects across an ever-expanding ecosystem of Aura Sync enabled products

    What is ROG Aura Terminal?

    Featuring four independently controllable addressable RGB headers*, ROG Aura Terminal lets you synchronize colors and lighting effects with other Aura-enabled gear, or enjoy lighting that reacts to onscreen action for an enthralling gaming experience.

    * Each channel supports up to 90 LEDs per channel and 210 LEDs in total, equivalent to a maximum of 4.2 meters of addressable LED strips.

    Aura Terminal
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • Power button
      Micro USB 2.0 port
      12/19V DC input

    • 4x addressable RGB channels
      (2 per side)

    • Backlit ROG logo

    • Rubber feet
      4 mounting holes(compatible with standard 2.5” SSD mounting brackets)

    Attention to detail

    Featuring a black, brushed aluminum finish, and a subtle backlit logo, the Aura Terminal is crafted to look good wherever it's mounted.

    The Terminal is configurable to any of the following lighting modes when used as a standalone product.

    • Static Static
    • Breathing Breathing
    • Color cycle Color cycle
    • Off Off

    The next level of immersion

    Halo raises the bar by intelligently casting RGB lighting effects into the room when you're playing games or watching movies. The added backlighting extends your display and reduces the glare of high-contrast scenes, brilliantly mimicking on-screen color to fill your field of vision.



    * Halo cannot analyze content that uses HDCP encryption.

    Auto-detects letterboxed scenes and ensures Halo is properly detecting the content.

    How Does Halo Work?

    Halo analyzes content directly from a computer or laptop with a discrete graphics processor* to determine the average color value for different areas of the screen, then replicates it by controlling the corresponding LEDs on attached RGB lighting strips.

    *Please refer to the recommend system configuration on the specifications page


    Addressable LED strip on the back of a monitor

    Segments of the screen analyzed by Halo

    How to Use Halo

    The UI is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Settings are arranged step-by-step from top to bottom.

    • Adjust display and logo settings

    • Support for multiple ROG Aura Terminals

    • Calibrate the headers with the corresponding strips

    • Support for multiple monitors

    • Select the video ratio or set to Auto mode for easy detection

    • Match strip orientation with the direction of screen analysis, and customize the lit LEDs

    Choose the ROG logo lighting effects on the surface of ROG Aura Terminal ─ or switch it off for a stealth look

    Simple and Scalable

    ROG Aura Terminal is adaptable and scalable: daisy chain* and attach strips to match the rear edges of your display, and map them with Halo.

    • STEP 1

      Connect each addressable RGB strip to an extension cable, then plug it into ROG Aura Terminal.

    • STEP 2

      Attach the strips to the back of your monitor.

    • STEP 3

      Use the Halo software to configure the LED strips.

    * To avoid differences in color reproduction, opt for LED strips from the same manufacturer. For more details, please check the FAQ section.

    Versatile illumination

    ROG Aura Terminal can be installed inside the PC or on the desk, extending options to personalize your living space with the full gamut of colors and effects. This flexibility makes the Terminal central to creating a cohesive visual theme across your entire system or for making small or big-screen gaming more immersive.

    ASUS Aura ecosystem
    Aura Terminal ASUS AURA SYNC

    Outshine the competition

    Use the Terminal to upgrade your system with a range of Aura Sync products. Then, easily sync connected devices via the Aura software.

    *Learn more about ASUS Aura Sync.