Dual-Band Wireless-N600 Range Extender

  • Dual-band concurrent range extender
  • Wireless media playback with ASUS AiPlayer app*
  • One-press setup and worry-free connectivity
  • Full coverage with internal MIMO antennas
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      Lights up your Wi-Fi everywhere

      The RP-N54 ensures full coverage and no more signal dead zones with internal MIMO antennas. Its strong repeater functionality expands wireless home networking to every corner. Even the hardest to reach spots get high speed internet coverage for notebooks, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, and smart TVs. With superior reception, you enjoy lag-free gaming and HD multimedia streaming everywhere.

      Dual-band concurrent range extender

      The RP-N54 gets you true dual-band networking even if you’re on an older single-band router. Double your wireless performance with up to 300Mbps bandwidth in 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously! 2.4GHz handles daily tasks like web browsing and social networking, while 5GHz is great for HD video streaming and online gaming.

      Wireless media playback - ASUS AiPlayer app

      Enjoy all your favorite music with wireless convenience using the RP-N54 and ASUS AiPlayer. Great compatibility with a complete range of multimedia formats means streaming is smooth and effortless, working every time to bring you plug n play enjoyment, to be shared with those that matter.

      *Free download ASUS AiPlayer from App Store and Google Play now.

      One-press setup and worry-free connectivity

      RP-N54 installation doesn’t require a CD or even mouse and keyboard. One press of the WPS button and setup is complete. Optimized performance is assured, so internet experiences are seamless and smooth. For detailed management, you can simply connect the RP-N54 to a PC via Ethernet cable and go to the configuration page directly, or quickly set it up from tablet or smartphone wirelessly, with no disc or app needed.

      2.4GHz and 5GHz signal indicators

      Reactive LED lighting on the front of the RP-N54 offers at a glance signal strength indication for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

      Internet radio

      Get your favorite stations via the internet with live streaming, or webcasting. Streams playable through the router's graphical user interface and dedicated app.

      Hands-on control for music and lighting

      Simply touch a sensor on the RP-N54 to start or stop music playback and turn the LED lighting on and off. All it takes is one touch, adding instant convenience to artistic beauty - plus you can personalize sensor settings via the user-friendly interface.

      Stylish power lights up your home

      The RP-N54 has an additional LED on the back, serving as a gentle nightlight for a very pleasing visual effect.

      Flexible and space saving placement options

      The RP-N54 uses a back power plug design to help you save space and give you more freedom when choosing device location. It can connect directly to wall sockets or power strips, promoting neater and less cluttered homes.

      *Free download ASUS AiPlayer from App Store and Google Play now.