NUC 11 Essential Board

NUC 11 Essential Board

NUC 11 Essential Board for Everyday Computing
  • Powered by Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® Silver processors
  • Cost-efficient solutions designed for kiosks, collaboration and streaming, and digital signage.
  • Feature a simplified design, easy mounting options, numerous USB and video ports, and an optional 64GB of eMMC storage.
NUC 11 Essential Board

The Essential Mini PC for Everyday Computing

Intel NUC product photo showing right side

Performance-Packed. Value-Priced.

A female student is sitting in front of desk, using keyboard, looking at monitor with notebook and pen aside
The monitor shows a sports car racing on the road along with light beams. A NUC is placed next to monitor
On the wooden desk, a monitor is showing teacher giving lecture on whiteboard. A NUC, keyboard, mouse, pen pot with pens inside are also on the desk
School work
In the open office, a monitor is on table showing video conferencing with two people, A NUC, keyboard, mouse, plant and coffee are also on table
Video conference
A small restaurant with digital menu on the wall and POS on counter
Digital Signage
A girl is using interactive kiosk by touching the screen panel

NUC form factors

nuc-11 essential product image, 45 degree view, front angle
NUC 11 Essential Mini PCs
nuc-11 essential mini pc product, front view
NUC 11 Essential Kits
nuc-11 essential board image on the white background
NUC 11 Essential Boards
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