ASUS Gives Back to Students with #ReadyWithASUS Campaign and High School Esports League Partnership


Various ASUS and ROG products showcased - #ReadyWithASUS for back 2 school

Fremont, California (September 4, 2020) - ASUS today announced the #ReadyWithASUS campaign for Back to School 2020 to give back to returning students with a full slate of tournaments, giveaways, promotions, and much more. #ReadyWithASUS is the latest campaign from ASUS to provide students with the gear they need to learn, work and game from anywhere, and is one of many initiatives from ASUS that aims to foster youth esports inclusivity and academic excellence.

ASUS Gaming solutions, including Republic of Gamers (ROG) and TUF Gaming PCs, PC components, monitors and accessories, offer a world-class gaming ecosystem that allow student esports enthusiasts of all levels to participate and grow within their local esports communities. From entry-level TUF Gaming products for those looking for exceptional value to premium ROG products for seasoned gamers and PC enthusiasts, there’s an ASUS Gaming solution for every student.


ASUS is proud to work alongside a number of organizations that share our passion for building a place for gaming in education, and will be kicking off the school year with a new exclusive hardware partnership with Generation Esports for the High School Esports League (HSEL), which provides an innovative platform for student esports communities to come together and compete. It’s a team effort to develop gaming in education and create a safe space for young gamers to learn, grow and play, so ASUS is excited to work with Generation Esports in order to support students in thousands of schools across the country with everything they need to participate and have fun in esports competitions, virtually and in-person, throughout the school year.

“Generation Esports is ecstatic to have ASUS as our exclusive hardware partner for the High School Esports League to help us bring a variety of hardware options to our 3,000+ schools across the country. We chose ASUS because of their wide range of products and prices to best suit the complicated and diverse budgets of schools with one provider to simplify the process. This means more schools will be able to get the hardware they need for fun and fair esports competition come this academic year." said Jason Kirby, President and COO of Generation Esports.

ASUS is working closely with Generation Esports to foster inclusivity among young gamers and within the High School Esports League by focusing on providing a positive and welcoming online space for all students who share a passion for esports and gaming. The HSEL competitive platform is structured to reduce instances of toxicity, griefing and bullying within its online space, and ASUS and HSEL have future plans for further incentives to create a safe space for everyone. The High School Esports League will begin its seasonal Fall Major student esports tournament later this month.

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In addition to the HSEL partnership, ASUS is also appreciative of the work of ROG Influencers in spreading the word about these invaluable programs, and is firmly committed to supporting organizations like Gam