An important update for Ryzen™ 7000 series processors on ASUS AM5 platform Motherboard


This update is a continuation of our response to this issue. As mentioned, ASUS has been working with AMD on defining new rules for the new BIOS updates. These updates will continue to be completed as necessary. The BIOS updates address concerns regarding potential damage that may occur when using Ryzen™ 7000 series processors with our AM5 motherboards by following the latest guidance from AMD. This includes a cap on SOC voltage at 1.3V. Please download the latest version of the BIOS updates from

Thank you again for choosing our product. If you still have any questions, or are concerned that your motherboard may have been affected by this issue, please contact our ASUS support team in your region. If an issue is identified, your motherboard will be covered by our warranty. Our support teams are ready to assist you.

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