District 300, located about 1 hour away from Chicago, Illinois. It covers 118 square miles and is home to 21,000 students and 3751 staff members. It has a reputation of achievement in a wide range of disciplines such as academics, sports, art, music, and theater. The school district strives to ensure all students who attend will be college and career ready upon graduation, and has seen increases in achievements and scores year over year. The schools in the district are as follows:

    Elementary Schools

    Elementary Schools
    • Algonquin Lakes (K-5)
    • Lincoln Prairie (K–5)
    • Liberty (K–5)
    • Hampshire (K–5)
    • Perry (K–5)
    • Gary D Wright (K–5)
    • Dundee Highlands (K-5)
    • Eastview (K–5)
    • Golfview (K–5)
    • Neubert (K–5)
    • Sleepy Hallow (K–5)
    • Gilberts (K–5)
    • Lake in the Hills (K-5)
    • Lakewood (K–5)
    • Meadowdale (K–5)
    • Parkview (K–5)
    Middle Schools
    • Algonquin (6–8)
    • Carpentersville (6–8)
    • Dundee (6–8)
    • Hampshire (6–8)
    Pre K-8
    • Westfield Community
    Charter School
    • Cambridge Lake Charter
    High Schools
    • Dundee Crown (9-12)
    • Jacobs (9-12)
    • Hampshire (9-12)
    With the rise of one-to-one computer programs throughout the United States, it is important that computers are both the right learning tool for the students and can be used by the school administrators. At ASUS, we have made a commitment to be the best-in-class provider of technology in education and have devoted research and development to create the best computers for education. Whether it is single classroom or an entire district, ASUS is constantly listening to teachers, parents, and IT professionals to keep making products that makes everyone happy. District 300 chose the ASUS Chromebook C202 as its education computer of choice due to its move to get closer to complete one-to-one. This decision proved to be a smart choice given the C202’s durability at the K-12 grade level, and its serviceability, which reduced down time for the IT sta and students.


    Jason Emricson has been the Technology Director at District 300 since 2012. He had a complicated task ahead of him when he had to make a choice for which device to go with for his one-to-one rollout. Between his choices of Windows, Mac or Chrome, he said that the choice was easy to go with Chomebooks. In the past, District 300 had used Windows, iOS, and VDI solutions (virtual desktop infrastructure), and had students bring their own device to school. Jason’s main concern was having a device that t within the curriculum and the education. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive device. What’s most im- portant is that the curriculum that is being taught is the number 1 factor in the device that is being chosen.” This lead Jason to select the C202 for District 300 as it had the features and the service backup of the 1 year ADP (accident damage protection) to help with the whole one-to-one rollout.

    THE C202

    The ASUS Chromebook C202 was developed specifically for education. Every feature was developed with feedback from teachers, school administrators, and Technology Directors to make sure no features were left out. Features like its rugged design engineered to withstand drops and accidents, spill proof keyboard, 180-degree hinge, easy service ability, easy grip, 15% larger printed keys, long battery life, and accessible cost make the C202 a great value and future proof device for education.

    Learn more about the ASUS Chromebook C202 here:

    “We are really happy with the ASUS product and we would like to see what is in the future for its devices.”
    - Jason Emricson - Director of Technology District 300, Illinois


    At the end of the day, Jason and District 300 chose the ASUS Chromebook C202 to deploy throughout the district. There were a host of features that made the C202 stand out from the rest of the other choices. But the main feature was the durability and rugged design of the C202 and its internal components. It was designed to be dropped from 3.9 feet and to be spill resistant to help teachers and IT administrators deal with those everyday accidents that happen in K-12 classrooms. The C202 also has rubber edges and sturdy internals to help keep the vital components safe from damage.

    Classrooms and students also demand best-in-class features that every laptop should have. As these were also designed into the C202. Features like Intel Celeron processors, anti-glare display, 360 degree Wi-Fi antenna, and a unique 180 degree hinge that works great for group activities and flexible viewing angles. Not only were the features everything they were looking for, but what also set it apart was the 1 year ADP (accidental damage protection). From an IT and maintenance perspective, it gave them a sense of security for rolling them out and having a cushion of support for when things go wrong. This helps ensure that the learning can keep happening even when accidents do happen.

    Learning can also continue beyond the classroom with students bringing their computers home to access and continue working on assignments. Students can also personalize their pace of learning by furthering their studies on their own time. The ASUS Chromebook C202’s long battery life of 10 hours on a single charge, as well as its portability, aligned with the one-to-one computer program’s goal of supporting continuous learning. In addition, the C202’s highly portable design made it easy for students to carry it to and from school especially with the easy grip handle on the bottom of the laptop.

    The overall reception to the deployment of the ASUS C202 Chromebook has been very positive. The first stage has been to roll out one-to-one Chromebooks to 1-8th grade across the school district and a shared chromebook for the kindergarten level students. IPads have started to be removed from the high school level in the current pilot program, and are being replaced with ASUS Chromebooks as well. There are plans to expand upon this after the first phase has been completed. With Google’s host of learning applications and the C202’s secure and easy to set-up nature, within a few clicks, a student can get an ASUS Chromebook in their hand in minutes. Not only did the C202’s deploy, but it also provided a new way for students to interact with the classroom lessons. They began to foster a collaborative learning environment where they could use and work with each other on their C202’s.
    It is clear that the future of education is all heading to Chromebooks, and ASUS has made a pledge to be one of the industry leaders in education. With constant research and development, success stories like the ASUS C202 are becoming the new classroom standard for young students. Students love the easy to use features, and IT staff love ASUS’s quality and dependability. For more information on the C202 or information on the ASUS family of education product, let an ASUS professional help you find the right technology for your students and staff.


    Founded in 1989, ASUS is a leading innovator in personal computing products and a preferred supplier of technology products to the commercial sector. The company offers a brand portfolio of products that include laptops, Chromebook, tablets, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, servers, multimedia, wireless solutions, and networking devices. With a global staff of over 15,000 people and a world class R&D team of 5,000 engineers, the company is a $14.75 billion dollar brand. The most important surveys in the industry regularly rank ASUS as the most reliable Windows-based PC brand. ASUS is also strongly committed to environmentally sustainable computing. In 2000 the company-wide suitability computing initiative, Green ASUS, was launched. Since then most of ASUS products are EPEAT certified and ASUS is the first leading notebook brand to be awarded with the UE flower certification.