ASUS Education Loaner Program Empowering Esports and STEAM

Branding and Recognition

Partnering with ASUS and ROG creates valuable connections to the gaming and technology industries. ASUS and ROG have established networks and partnerships with professionals, organizations, and events in the technology and gaming sectors. Schools collaborating with ASUS and ROG can leverage these connections to organize industry-relevant workshops, guest lectures, and mentorship programs. This exposure allows students to interact with industry experts, gain insights into career pathways, and potentially secure internships or job opportunities, fostering a direct link between the classroom and the professional world.​

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Program Milestones

We at ASUS will work closely to design the program timeline based on a school’s needs to maximize the best outcome. From discussing program details to hardware implementation, resources and support will be readily available each step of the way.​

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Please fill out the application to help us understand your needs and requirements for the program
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Exciting Tech at
your fingertips
Setup instructions or technical support will be provided to facilitate the integration
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Unleash learning
  • Gather feedback from school
  • Review performance of program​
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Showcasing Student
  • Share success stories and highlight student achievement
  • Work with us to create awareness within the local community


ASUS has been recognized globally throughout a number of awards across both laptops and desktops. Through partnering with ASUS, such devices will be available to use in afterschool programs, extracurricular activities or in-class curriculum.

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