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Color-filled Masterpiece.

For videographers, cinematographers and colorists who require the brightest whites, deepest blacks and rich, detailed visuals, the ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCX-PK is quite possibly the finest 32-inch 4K HDR monitor ever created. Featuring a 1,152-zone mini-LED backlight with 1,200 cd/m2 peak brightness, it is Calman Ready and supports Dolby Vision. Factor in its seamless workflow connectivity, and it's the ideal monitor for creators.

Lord of bright.

Introducing an impressive 32-inch 4K monitor backlit with advanced mini LED technology. LEDs half the conventional size are packed densely, giving you unrivaled control over brightness and dimming. Plus individual backlight control of 1,152 zones produces higher luminance (1200 nits) and deeper darkness, delivering amazing contrast and incredibly realistic HDR content.

Industry-leading Reliable Color.

Each PA32UCX-PK display is factory pre-calibrated to guarantee industry-leading color fidelity, and is proudly Calman Ready. A hardware calibrator is included to ensure consistent color accuracy for when it’s time to recalibrate the display. Plus, its off-axis contrast optimization (OCO) technology reduces halo effects when viewing the screen at a wide angle.

Workflow connectivity.

The ASUS ProArt PA32UCX-PK includes the port flexibility to easily connect your workspace to control panels, peripherals, desktops, laptops, game consoles, Blu-ray players, and even other displays.

Tilt, Swivel,
Pivot and Height
Industry Leading
Color Fidelity
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