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Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned design professional, ASUS ProArt Series is the best monitor for graphic design. You’ll be amazed at how it brings out the beauty in your artwork.

monitor for graphic design

Showcase your artwork with outstanding color accuracy

ASUS ProArt Series is the ideal monitor for professional graphic designers. Its high color fidelity gives you a preview of how your final artwork will turn out once you put it to paper. Each ProArt monitor is factory pre-calibrated to guarantee industry-leading color accuracy, true-to-life hues and unequaled color reproduction.

Wide color gamut

Wide color gamut: beautiful hues in all their glory

We know it’s essential to have a wide color gamut so you’ll have an entire color range to play with. ASUS ProArt Series monitors not only give you the highest color accuracy, they also support 85% Rec.2020*, 99.5% Adobe RGB*, over 95% DCI-P3*, 100% sRGB* and 120% NTSC** color spaces. 10-bit display color provides over a billion onscreen colors for smoother gradations and a more natural transition between hues, so your images of beautiful red and orange colors of a sunset comes alive.

*Specifications may vary by model
**NTSC on CIE 1976 test standards

best monitor for graphic design, best monitor for designers

IPS technology for vivid images with no color distortion

The IPS technology found in ASUS ProArt Series monitors ensure uniform colors and improved color contrast across the display. You get more consistent colors and brighter images, as well as wide 178-degree viewing angles so there’s minimal color shift even when you’re viewing the monitor from extreme positions.

monitor for graphic design

Work comfortably, spend more time creating

A comfortable and relaxing workstation is the ideal environment in which to unleash your creativity. ASUS Professional Series monitors have been ergonomically designed to give you tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments so you always have the ideal viewing position to minimize fatigue after long hours at your desk.

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