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QuickFit virtual scale

A hotkey lets you preview your photos and documents on screen in their actual sizes prior to printing; it also provides you with an alignment grid to ensure everything is straight and true.

QuickFit virtual scale

Customize your display

You can customize your display setting by adjusting all range of parameter, including color hue, temperature and gamma adjustments in the User Mode’s color menu. There are also two-point grayscale, sliders for all six colors, giving you more flexibility and precision than most monitors available on the market today.

display setting

There are also 7 pre-set display modes to optimize visuals for different types of content , it ensures color optimization and image fidelity.

SplendidPlus video intelligence technology
monitor shortcut key

Intuitive Hotkeys Design

An intuitive joystick design lets you easily access these functions and other OSD settings via the onscreen menu.

It also features user-customizable OSD shortcuts for frequently used monitor controls, removing the need to navigate the full on-screen menu system.