Photographer Alice Lévêque

What I like most about my ProArt PA328Q 4K monitor — its extensive connectivity

This monitor gives me all kinds of connectivity options, including two HDMI ports, and a HDMI-1 / MHL 3.0 port. This versatility allows me to connect my monitor to my Mac and other devices simply and easily.

ProArt PA328Q 4K monitor makes working long hours comfortable Ergonomically designed

I’m really pleased that I can pivot, raise and lower the screen. This makes it easy when I’m plugging in cables, and also helps me find the most comfortable position for long hours of photo editing.

ProArt PA328Q is the perfect tool for professional retouching. Colors, brightness and contrasts are so true that I can edit pictures with confidence.

ASUS Eye Care technology

I have an eye condition, and I get very painful migraines when I spend long hours in front of a monitor, so I really appreciate what ASUS Eye Care technology does for me.

It has greatly increased my working capacity, allowing me to retouch images for hours without getting a migraine. It’s so comfortable that I can’t even imagine working without it.

ProArt PA328Q’s Eye Care technology helps reduce instances of eye strain that’s caused by onscreen flicker and long hours of staring at a monitor.