Photographer, digital designer Marco Leibetseder

The high color accuracy of the ProArt PA329Q 4K monitor impressed me the most

For example, it would be difficult to tell the difference when someone uses denim blue instead of navy blue on a company logo. But it’s not a problem with PA329Q because of its wide color space.

Color calibration settings are also saved in the monitor thanks to ASUS ProArt Calibration Tehnology, so I can easily work on the same project on different computers in different offices without having to recalibrate them every time. This helps with photography because I get a faithful reproduction of my pictures on screen.

This 4K monitor provides such incredible detail that every pore on the model’s face is visible, and light and dark tones are clearly distinguishable – it’s absolutely amazing!

How ProArt PA329Q enhances my productivity at work

ProArt PA329Q’s extensive connectivity is ideal for my line of work, especially since it features two HDMI ports and a HDMI-1 / MHL 3.0 port.

As a Mac user, its wide array of HDMI ports allow me to easily connect my Mac to the monitor; the USB hub on the monitor helps as well since my MacBook’s USB ports are always connected to other devices.

More onscreen space for multitasking

Most of the time, I work with two or more PC simultaneously while doing design or photography work. PA329Q has a 3840 x 2160 resolution panel, and PiP and PbP functions, so it makes things easier for me when it comes to multitasking.

I’ve played with the idea of taking the monitor to exhibitions, so viewers can have an honest look at my photographic work.

A photo shoot with a determined subject, control, possible customizations for style or lighting, and immediate montage in a concept like a magazine cover with personalized headline, plus a printed version as a gift for the protagonists. Is there anything better than having all the application windows arranged beside each other according to the workflow?

A monitor that can swivel

In my agency, there is an increasing request for web design, so I’m stepping into that field. It’s not just about photography, I also need to take web design into consideration.

We’re seeing a trend in one-page site designs which are optimized for mobile. Here’s where the ProArt PA329Q plays an important role – it can swivel 90-degrees, so I can use it in portrait mode.

This allows me to take a design approach and develop it from the large image to the finest detail, while taking care of distances and proportions. It also allows me to see and work at the project in full view.

This approach is way more fun, in comparison to scrolling repeatedly or zooming in and out of the pictures.

This 4K Adobe RGB monitor is definitely impressive, you will love it once you try it out.