Web Designer Maxim Huang

My favorite feature of the ProArt PA329Q monitor?

Its high resolution panel gives me clearer, more defined and sharper onscreen visuals. it allows me to work more precisely on smaller details.

A wide color gamut is important too, as it allows me to stay true to the original natural color. The monitor also gives me optimal brightness and contrast, and they can even be further adjusted to get the best results.

How does the ProArt PA329Q help my work?

PA329Q gives me more onscreen space to work with, and this is very important to me. In the past, I used to have a double 1920 x 1080 display setup. With PA329Q, I only need to use one 4K UHD display instead of two. It frees up space on my desk, and makes my workspace much neater too.

The built-in SD card reader on the monitor makes it convenient when looking for photos and other files. PA329Q’s ergonomically-designed stand also allows me to adjust the screen at different heights and angles. If I want to show my colleague some artwork, I can simply turn the screen to show it to him.