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Router Wi-Fi Gigabit Dải Kép AC1300
  • Mạng tốc độ siêu nhanh
    Tốc độ Wi-Fi AC1300 băng tần kép kết hợp với bộ vi xử lý lõi tứ cho hiệu năng mạng siêu nhanh
  • Tốc độ Wi-Fi tối đa trên nhiều thiết bị cùng lúc
    Công nghệ MU-MIMO và bộ nhớ 128MB khổng lồ cho hiệu năng đa thiết bị tốt nhất
  • Tầm Wi-Fi Tốt hơn
    Bốn ăng-ten ngoài với AiRadar để cải thiện phạm vi phủ sóng Wi-Fi
  • Kiểm soát Trẻ nhỏ
    Giám sát và lọc các hoạt động Internet cho gia đình và con bạn
  • Cổng USB 3.0 đa năng
    Tốc độ truyền tải dữ liệu nhanh gấp 10 lần so với USB 2.0
  • Độ phủ sóng lên tới 300m2 **
  • Cho phép 30~50 thiết bị kết nối *

*Thông số kỹ thuật chỉ mang tính chất kham thảo. Mọi chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ đại lý gần nhất
**Độ phủ sóng phụ thuộc vào môi trường và không gian không có nhiều vật cản

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Essential AC Upgrade with Uninterrupted Wi-Fi Signal

ASUS RT-AC58U AC1300 Dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router with four high-gain antennas and high power technology delivers extremely long operating range. Its 802.11ac high-speed performance is perfect for streaming up to 4K Ultra HD videos, online gaming with support for latest gen consoles such as Xbox One® and PlayStation® 4 and performing other bandwidth-intensive tasks. Multi-purpose USB 3.0 port allow printer, hard drive and 3G/4G sharing1; while ASUS AiCloud support allows you to access, share, and stream files from your home PC to internet-connected devices.

Full Wi-Fi Speeds on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Thanks to MU-MIMO technology and powerful 128 MB memory, you can enjoy full-speed Wi-Fi on compatible devices2 at the same time without needing to wait for sequential transmissions.

Powerful Processor, Higher Network Speed

RT-AC58U is equipped with improved WAN to LAN speed thanks to its latest quad-core A7 processor, ensuring responsive network performance for bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Improved Wi-Fi Range

The four external high performance antennas on RT-AC58U improve the Wi-Fi range and multi-device performance in your home

RT-AC58U supports multi-device connection with
improved Wi-Fi range

ASUS Router App

Control your network anywhere

In your increasingly mobile-enabled life, having control over your network via an app is more important than ever. The new ASUS Router App is built from the ground-up to be both intuitive and robust, allowing you to setup your router, manage network traffic, diagnose connection issues and even update firmware, all without needing to boot up a PC.
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Ultimate USB Speed and Versatility

USB 3.0 port delivers up to 10-times faster data transfers than USB 2.0. It makes RT-AC58U perfect for file, multimedia, and 3G/4G sharing1, while ASUS AiCloud enables remote access and content streaming.

The One Place for All Your Data - ASUS AiCloud

ASUS AiCloud keeps you connected to your data wherever and whenever you have an internet connection. It links your home network and online web storage services, giving you access to your files using the AiCloud mobile app on your iOS, Android smartphones or via a personalized browser URL. You can share photos instantly with services like Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox directly from the AiCloud app. It’s your expandable and unlimited personal cloud — and it’s completely free!

ASUS AiCloud lets you access, sync,
share and stream your files anywhere, on any internet-connected device

Keep Up to Date!

Remember to always keep your device’s firmware up to date so you can benefit from the very latest service and security enhancements — and get exciting new features! Learn more about updating new firmware.

1.Features may not be available in all markets. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.
2.MU-MIMO-certified client(s) required
* ASUS received the highest numerical score among wireless routers in the J.D. Power 2015 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report, based on 2,716 responses from 8 companies measuring satisfaction with wireless routers surveyed November-December 2015. Your experiences may vary. Visit

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