ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business


Being popular places where people on campus naturally converge, dining halls, coffee shops, and cafeterias can easily become congested at mealtimes. To reduce crowded lines by shortening waiting times, one of the best options is to use touchscreen computers as platforms for the POS system. Some institutions have even been successful using all-in-one touchscreen PCs as the interfaces for self-service food vending machines. With more self-service machines in the dining hall, the easier it is for students to get what they need at peak hours, minimizing crowding.

ASUS technology can also help with making effective use of available space. Replacing posters with digital signboards in suitable locations not only preserves the neatness and beauty of the campus but also enables the timely display of a dining hall’s daily specials, latest deals or flash sales, all of which can increase efficiency and profitability.

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