ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business

Lab & Design Center

A specialized computer lab or a visual and industrial design department needs to be powerful enough to ensure accurate, specialized analysis and high-speed computations. ASUS servers for high performance computing (HPC) provide an optimized system, equipped with the ultimate in computing power. Ultra high memory capacity, superior cooling efficiency, and outstanding reliability form a solid foundation that is indispensable to computer labs and design departments alike.

The workstation class of computers underscores the benefits of stability and durability, while flexible expansion slots and multimedia connector slots ensure scalability. Compatible with fluid mechanics analysis, medical research, engineering, science, financial modeling, real-time graphics rendering, heavy beam tracking, and various specialized laboratory applications, ASUS workstations provides a level of performance unlike that of any ordinary desktop computer.

All-in-one touchscreen PCs bring new possibilities and opportunities to computer labs. With specially treated screen and frame surfaces to guard against fingerprints, they are perfect for multiple users. Not only do wireless touchscreen computers eliminate cable clutter, but by further closing the gap between man and machine, ASUS all-in-one PCs set a new standard in terms of the user-centric approach to design.

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