ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business

Staff Office

School administrators are confronted with a need to innovate and also improve the responsiveness of the many services provided by the institutions they work for. So as well as providing richer information on the school website, for example, they may also need to help manage an increasing range of administrative functions and student services. Technology can enable new approaches to these problems — devices such as interactive touchscreen computers allow the introduction of self-service kiosks for a variety of services, such as student registration or information. These can improve efficiency while also increasing the range of services on offer. Special considerations for such computers are needed, for example care must be taken to make sure they are resistant to problems caused by dust and dirt when located in public areas.

High performance desktop computers and convenient, portable notebooks are two of the core products around which educational administrators can build their services. ASUS has solutions suitable for all needs and requirements, with a comprehensive range of products that ensures a match for any performance, feature or budgetary demands. From its space-saving EeeBox to its stable and durable desktop computers, or from its lightweight, easy-to-carry UltraBook™ to its high-performance workstation-grade notebooks, ASUS offers a wealth of choice.

We haven’t forgotten the crucial aspects of service and support, either. ASUS takes the world-class service standards expected by a large-scale industrial enterprise, and extends these standards, without exception, to each and every one of its customers, providing campuses with the most meticulous, most comprehensive after-sales service on the market. And although each ASUS subsidiary offers a unique selection of products, each of these subsidiaries are part of the same ASUS after-sales service system. The result is that campuses can enjoy the fastest response times and most consistent maintenance quality in the industry. ASUS takes pride in bringing peace of mind to your campus.

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