Ultra-mini Mouse for Excellent Mobility

    Simple and easy portability while emphasizing extreme simplicity with fashionable style in the design appearances.
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      Ultra-mini Mouse for Excellent Mobility

      ASUS Features

      The ASUS MS-71 ultra mini wireless mouse follows the design spirit of "Extremely simple, Urgently working up", and offers mobile workers simple and easy portability. Emphasizing extreme simplicity with fashionable style in the design appearance, it showcases the user´s excellent taste in matching with PCs.

      The World's Smallest
      With an ultra mini size of 68.8(L) x 25.1(W) x 17.5(H) mm, the MS-71 is the world smallest 2.4GHz wireless mouse.

      Up to 75% Power Saving
      The MS-71´s operating current is under 5mA. It provides up to 75% power savings in comparison to ordinary mice with operating currents of 9~20mA.

      Super-fast charging in just 1.5 hours
      Typical rechargeable mice require 4~5hrs to be fully charged, while the MS-71 only needs 1.5hrs, and charging for three minims, the operation can last long more than one day.

      Power Protection
      The MS-71 embedded a protective IC to prevent the risks of overcharging.

      Superior Precision for High-performance
      800dpi optical resolution provides very precise cursor movement.

      Detachable USB Receiver Dongle
      The detachable USB receiver dongle with quick-charging dock provides easy portability.

      More than 3m effective operating range
      The 2.4 GHz RF receiver with more than 3m range of effective operating