Live it Up with High Definition Entertainment

    • Stylish Satin-brushed Aluminum Lid for Durability and Scratch Resistance
    • 14-inch Full High Definition Display with NVIDIA GeForce
    • Bespoke Altec Lansing Speakers for Symphonic Audio Experience
    • Spill-proof Keyboard Delivers Peace of Mind Against Accidental Spillage
      Product Image
      Visual Entertainment

      Powered by a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 220M graphics card for surreal visual effects, the ASUS F83Vf features a full high definition 14-inch display for the best multimedia experience while on-the-move. Supported by ASUS Splendid technology, it delivers more vibrant colors and stunning clarity.

      Exterior Lid Design

      The ASUS F83Vf is tastefully decked out in satin-brushed aluminum, providing you with a stylish notebook that suits any occasion. It's beauty is also highly resilient against bumps and scratches from day-to-day usage.

      Audio Entertainment

      Bespoke Altec Lansing speakers deliver immersive audio reproduction to your movies, videos and music, encapsulating you in a world of pitch-perfect audio serenity.

      Trouble-free Computing

      With the ASUS F83Vf, you need not worry about accidental spillage of liquids, with the spill-proof keyboard protecting critical internal hardware.