ROG G51Jx 3D

    ROG G51Jx 3D

    Experience the Reality in 3D Gaming

    • True-to-life virtual reality 3D gaming experience including a pair of active shutter 3D glasses, transmitter and the 120Hz LCD panel
    • Empowered by NVIDIA GeForce extreme performance GTS 360M graphic engine with GDDR5 1GB video memory for immersive gaming experience
    • Enhanced Gaming Excitement by EAX Advanced HD 4.0 and CMSS
    • The lastest Intel Core i7 quad core and Core i5 dual core processors for Turbo Boost Technology
    • CPU performance level up to increase the performance
      Product Image

      New Dimension Ahead

      ASUS Republic of Gamers are proud to present the G51Jx 3D, the world’s first gaming notebook with full support for NVIDIA 3D Vision. On this rocking machine, 3D isn’t hype, it’s a whole new look on entertainment, gaming and multimedia that combines amazing performance, stylish design and user-friendly features like never before. It gives much pricier gaming rigs a good run for their money, all you have to do is look at these 3DMark scores!

      Engine of Progress

      It takes serious refinement to deliver convincing 3D, and G51Jx 3D goes no holds barred - Intel® Core™ i7 processors deliver four cores of power, while main memory goes up to a staggering 8GB. No corners cut, no compromises made, the G51Jx 3D renders visuals beautifully on its pristine 15.6" 1366x768 backlit LED 120Hz screen using the super-capable NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS360M with 1GB GDDR5. So much top notch hardware, there’s no wonder it’s real 3D.

      Mind Boggling Depth

      Based on NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology and quality active shutter glasses, G51Jx 3D renders three dimensional gaming like never before – real life action materializes right before your eyes as the fast 120Hz refresh rate eliminates blur and loss of image fidelity. This is literally bringing the 3D experience home, with hundreds of game titles already compatible with the technology, and the list can only grow longer! The wave of the future is 3D, with more and more applications and content joining the trend. This makes the G51Jx 3D very future-proof.

      Super Fast Speed Boost

      Power 4 Gear Hybrid and Extreme Turbo on G51Jx 3D open up quick, user-friendly overclocking and power management that make it possible to gain extra performance when facing tough challenges, or save on energy consumption when everything’s chill. This machine is all about enabling better usability, so it gives you the power to customize capabilities based on your needs.

      Sound All Around

      Full EAX 4.0 HD 3D audio complements the unique viewing experience on the G51Jx 3D, producing pulse-quickening soundtracks to your favorite games and movies. It’s full immersion at its finest, whether on headphones or the built-in quality Altec Lansing speakers. Every move, shot and explosion come across full-bodied and convincing for an experience to really take you away.

      Guns Blazing or Stealth – Your Choice

      The G51Jx 3D comes with the trademark Republic of Gamers illuminated chiclet keyboard, making it possible to game after dark with complete confidence while avoiding disturbance to others. One key press and the lights go on – another and the keyboard goes dark again. Discrete or outright courageous, you make the decision.