ROG Xpander

    ROG Xpander

    The Smart Option For 4-Way SLI

    • 4 x PCIe2.0 x16 slots support up to full x16/x16/x16/x16 configurations
    • 2 x NF200-SLI-A3 chips onboard
    • Support 4-Way SLI
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      ROG has just come out with the ROG Xpander, a motherboard add on board that sits on the first and third expansion slots of the new Rampage III Extreme to instantly enable four-way SLI.

      Very few boards enable four-way SLI because this calls for the NF200 bridge chip to be present on the motherboard, which in many applications actually causes a performance plateau and even a drop in output in some cases when four-way SLI-ing isn't actually used.

      In other words, it’s like having a turbocharger inside your engine compartment, only unplugged. It could become a drag on the entire system, which is why ROG decided to make it an optional upgrade to overclocker boards like the Rampage III Extreme, which by default allow three-way SLI, but not a foursome.

      The ROG Xpander currently works only with the new Rampage III Extreme, but additional supported models are possible in the near future. It consists of two NF200 bridge chips and four expansion slots for up to four video cards in a 4-Way SLI configuration, plus a big fan in one end of the card.

      ROG intends this add on to appeal to the truly dedicated hardest of the hardcore, because this kind of solution would require serious cooling and quite a lot of trial and error before stability and subsequent benchmarking gains can be achieved.

      Solution for those who has the desire

      ROG Xpander comes with 2* NF200 offering the capacity of 4-Way SLI