Enter a New Era of High Definition Visuals

    • True Theater High Definition technology enables breathtaking, unsurpassed HD visuals using an innovative suite of video enhancement and optimization tools
    • Disc Encryption doubles the security with password-controlled and hidden-file functionality
    • Drag-and-burn interface accomplishes entire jobs in three easy steps
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      ASUS BC-08B1LT is a powerful and energy-saving Blu-ray Disc Drive capable of reading/writing/re-writing data on 8X BD read Combo formats. It is capable of disc encryption and provides high-definition images with its optimum burning strategy.

      TTHD(True Theater High Definition)

      Want Blu-ray playback quality, but only got DVD at hand? ASUS TTHD provides HD-like visuals via an innovative suite of advanced video enhancement technologies that deliver unsurpassed quality for DVD movies. The result is incredibly high-resolution playback, cinematic picture quality and maximized visual experience.

      Enjoy High Definition Multimedia:
      • Enjoy high-resolution playback
      • Enjoy cinematic picture quality
      • Maximizing the visual experience

      Disc Encryption

      Security is paramount, regardless if you're a high-flying businessman, student or home-maker. Sensitive information needs to be protected and that is where Disc Encryption comes in. It allows you to protect an entire disc or partial of its contents with a password and also allows users to hide the names of the files within to further protect their data with ease and flexibility.

      Double Security with Disc Encryption:
      • Secured Content Access
      • Enhanced Copy Protection
      • Comprehensive Data Control

      E-Green (Energy Green Engine)

      Protecting our precious environment. That is what we all must do, and we can start with green computing. And it's not just the environment we are saving, but dollars and cents too. The ASUS E-Green Engine technology can automatically close drive applications when not in use for 2 minutes, and optimizes power consumption while it is in use.

      Save the earth and your cost!
      • The extreme power savings with E-Green
      • Eco-friendly Solution to decrease CO2 emission and tree depletion

      Drag and Burn

      Drag and Burn Burning Dice offer a hassle-free approach to copying discs and burning files via the PC desktop. You just need to drop files into the interface then click "Burn". Only takes 3 steps to create a new disc.

      Easy 3 steps to complete disc burning:
      • Intuitive burning interface
      • Burn a disk in 3 simple steps
      • Simplified burning process

      Package Contents

      • ASUS BC-08B1LT Internal SATA Drive
      • Software (CyberLink Power DVD 9 with TTHD)
      • Screw Mounting Package
      • Multi-Language Quick Installation Guide