ROG Spotlight

    ROG Spotlight

    ROG logo projector with Aura Sync RGB to cast your gaming pride

    • Aluminum case for great heat dissipation, with a matte black brushed finish for premium touch
    • Magnetic base for easy attachment to any metal surface
    • 360-degree lens adjustment, ensuring the ROG logo is always positioned upright
    • Synchronize lighting with ASUS Aura Sync-enabled gear to perfectly illuminate your battle station
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      Cast your gaming pride

      ROG Spotlight lets you project the iconic ROG logo with customizable colors, and coordinate light effects with other Aura Sync-enabled gear. Simply attach it to any metal surface using its magnetic base. ROG Spotlight gives your gaming setup a more vibrant look.

      Fully rotatable

      A 360-degree rotatable lens ensures the logo is always positioned upright, regardless of where ROG Spotlight is placed. Adjustments can easily be done using a coin as a screwdriver.

      Outshine the competition

      Featuring ASUS Aura Sync RGB technology, ROG Spotlight is designed to add some flair to your gaming setup, with a full palette of colors and customizable lighting effects. Sync it with your gaming gear and achieve a brilliant look!

      *Learn more about ASUS Aura Sync.