Zen AiO Pro 24 Z240

A True Modern Masterpiece

Timeless beauty crafted in precision

Human-centered design that combines beauty with strength

At ASUS, our designs always start with people: the way they work, the way they feel, the way they live. With Zen AiO Pro, we focused on simplicity to minimize dis-tractions. The simple yet elegant seamless integrated aluminum stand gives perfect physical and visual balance, with a design that's based on the Chinese character 人 , for ‘human'. The perfectly-balanced hinge allows the screen to be tilted effortless-ly to match your gaze, and cables for the rear ports can be routed through a dis-creet cable guide, preserving the uncluttered and harmonious appearance.

Crafted for strength, delicately detailed

To achieve the perfect combination of strength and slimness, Zen AiO Pro has a seamless unibody construction, forged from high-density extruded aluminum. This results in a very rigid and sturdy chassis, despite its slim and lithe proportions. Even the one-piece stand has no seams or joints, making it incredibly strong and stable. To add beauty to strength, the back of Zen AiO Pro has a delicate brushed-metal finish that takes craftsmen 17 steps to create, ensuring that the delicate pattern is etched to perfection. True passion, true dedication.

The beauty of precision

The meeting of two surfaces is where exciting things can happen. Zen AiO Pro has edges that are dia-mond-cut and polished to add brilliant yet subtle highlights, accentuating the slim design.
The highlights are a perfect match for the front fascia, which features our signature spun-metal finish, with its Zen-inspired concentric-circle pattern that reflects our unending passion for every small design detail.

Subtle glamour in Icicle Gold

Zen AiO Pro is finished in a subtle, sophisticated shade that we call Icicle Gold. The color is achieved using an anodizing process that, despite posing a technical challenge for this shade, is well worth it for the understated elegance it adds to Zen AiO Pro.  This luxurious look perfectly complements the delicate brushed-metal texture, making it a statement of good taste in any environment.


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